March 27, 2009

Slick Tricks?

Posted in Agenda-less tagged , , at 9:35 AM by Andre

Are ladies really that slick when it comes to playing the field? Or is it that guys think they have that particular skill on lock and are too dumb to realise that women can play the field also?

I was talking to one of my naggers(I wish I could embed that clip but either wordpress is being retunded OR I’m a retund)(apparently I can’t since it’s not a youtube video…meh) yesterday and even though this specific topic didn’t pop into the conversation, it immediately crossed my mind while he was talking about this particular chick.

She(the chick), totally played the field and I was impressed because I never saw her capable of doing that. Interesting eh? Why didn’t I think she was capable of such a skillset usually only publicly displayed by men. And it hit me…

She just did what we(guys) do but discretely.

Haha! I guess that made her slick right? It also made me dumb for not seeing it coming especially as I’m a male and I know we do it waaay too many times a day. And don’t ask me “What did she do?” because that’s none of your damn business and I’ll thank you if you stay out of mine. Hmmm kind of a dumb thing for me to say especially as this is my personal blog and I am putting my business out there anyway.

Anyway I’m trying to not go off on a tangent. So yea…if they can do stuff discretely, why don’t men do the same thing. We’d get away with so much more right? Instead for some reason all the games we play in the dark for the most part come to light and we get caught with our hands in the sweet jar(hahaha). We’re such kids. I guess that answers my title question…unless someone cares to show a different side to this. Till tomorrow peeps.

Keep safe and think critically.



  1. abisrael said,

    Women most definitely play the field… and they are so much better than us guys at it because even when they get caught, they make it seem as though it were the guys fault to begin with. Very very sneaky. And I don’t know how discrete each of them do it, but I do know that some naggers/guys (And yes you can embed the link) do it so blatantly, it seems as though they WANT to be caught.

  2. Kafi Thomas said,

    ummm dudes, it’s ALWAYSSSS, without exception, the guy’s fault. let’s get that straight to begin with. and it’s spelled ‘discreet’ fellas..dis is not discrete math. Invest in a dictionary for the love of God.

    PS: I reiterate….this blog and its author suck balls 🙂 ciao punks!

  3. abisrael said,

    But it does seem like women always focus on the small stuff (*cough *cough) – while the information bus passes them by.


    The mentality that it is ALWAYS the guys fault is also ‘true’, but to an extent. We fellahs get so caught up in admitting guilt even if we are innocent – gives this impression. And by doing so, creating an impression of a dynamic where the shift of power seems more balanced. However, I think we only admit guilt so often because it’s physically impossible for many women to do so – and if someone doesn’t, then it’ll just be continuous nagging after nagging after nagging, then the eventual breakup.

    So maybe…. it’s better to always be in the wrong IMO. Men are always ‘wrong’ but sometimes we are like this just to appease the prideful will of our female counterparts 😛

  4. V said,

    u r back in tnt and i didnt know?!?! u r back in tnt and writing this rot and i STILL didnt know?!!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?
    boy u so lucky i not there to kick ur ass.

    on topic, yes women are slicker than men because we dont try the same tricks on all men, just the ones dumb enuff to fall for them. qed.:p

  5. Kafi Thomas said,

    wow…it amazes me just how clueless guys can be when it comes to women! News flash: Men are the ones who can’t stop the lying, cheating, selfishness and jus being general A-holes. I’m beginning to think it’s part of allyuh genetic makeup. Women are NEVER the ones to cheat or lie and we ONLY do if you all did something to us first and we’re trying to hurt you back. So don’t get it twisted homey. The reason you all admit guilt is because YOU ARE guilty so don’t go giving yourself accolades for anything. Anyway…that’s my final 2c on this. Later chumps!

  6. Kafi Thomas said,

    This blog has become lamer than its author. Hard to believe…..I know! Now pardon me while I gouge my eyes out.

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