October 27, 2009

I’m back…no seriously, I am!

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I feel so terrible for neglecting my blog, ok no I don’t because I think I had a good reason. Right around the time that I stopped posting, I had a really great idea(in my own opinion of course) and decided to follow through wholeheartedly on it. I’ve devoted months into this project just fleshing out a business plan, getting developers, checking out the market reach, seeing what similar products are offering and incorporating the business and as the time to launch draws closer I find myself wanting to blog again.

What’s my business idea?? That’s none of your damn business and I’ll thank you if you stay out of mine(I can’t remember what movie that is from but I love saying it). Well ok, it’ll hopefully be your business a few weeks from now but till then…leave me be. Now what topic is out there that I’d like to talk about?

  • Health Care Reform?
  • Swine flu?
  • Obama’s Nobel prize?
  • Michael Jackson’s death?
  • Balloon boy?
  • Hmmmm…

    1. “I rock with Obama but I aint no politician” – Jay Z
    2. People that wear those masks and don’t have the flu are just dumb
    3. Win a Field’s Medal and I’ll be impressed Mr. President. Alfred Nobel was a hater!
    4. He inspired many a musician. R.I.P.
    5. WTF!!! How is this news?!? Send them to jail.

    Yea, I guess that’s that for now. You’ll be seeing more of me so don’t give up on me again.

    Keep safe and think critically.