I’m random. I have umpteenillion thoughts going through my head just like everyone else. The only difference is I get distracted by them easily once it’s something I can really think about(like this one time I was wondering how someone came up with the logic gate, which is why we have computers).

I’m a Trinidadian aka Trini which means I’m from Trinidad & Tobago, which is an island just off the north coast of Venezuela. My iPhone is always on my hip and I love Arsenal(Up the Arse!!).

This is my blog(no sh!t Sherlock). I’m gonna use it as therapy. It’ll allow me to release some of my random thoughts into the blogosphere. Feel free to leave a comment if it sucks/rocks or even if you could care less. I also have a business venture coming up, check it out if you can Yabil

This pic was taken as a joke btw. I need to take a new one. Why can’t I be photogenic???


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  1. nem said,

    you bb traitor!

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