March 26, 2009


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My inaugural post and it’s not going to be a happy one. In keeping with my theme of having no real agenda and being extremely random(like the stuff that happens in my life) with this blog;

I lost my wallet!

I was pissed, annoyed and beating myself up at work. I’m actually praying it’s home. There are three things I never leave home without: my iPhone, my wallet and my keys. So now I feel completely naked.

It’s amazing the number of little things that can just upset your entire day. And once your day starts off badly that theme continues throughout the day right? Wrong! Well at least I believe so, I hope so. If I was just more positive then it wouldn’t have affected my day to such a degree. Who knows…at least for right now I succumbed and was vexed all day.

So what do I do now? I’m writing this as I sit in 2 hours of lovely traffic. There are too many damn cars in trinidad(see what I mean about being random??)! Seriously.

  • We need wider roads.
  • Less traffic lights on the highway
  • More turnoffs(flyovers)
  • More police policing the highways.

Why? Driving in Trinidad is quite an experience.

Where do I start: someone that turns on their indicator may not actually be turning and the opposite applies; drivers regularly use the shoulders for driving purposes; not obeying traffic lights is more a necessity than anything else. We get away with murder here…don’t take that literally(even though the murderers really do get away with murder, just check yesterday’s newsday frontpage). Yet I still love this country or I wouldnt be living here.

Well that’s that for now. I’m going to pay attention to the road. As much as I’m moving no more than 100m every 30 seconds who knows what could happen driving on these roads.

Keep safe and think critically!

Update: (thanks Mar-see-uh for reminding me to update): I found my wallet. Yea…it was on top of my bedstand thingie. First time ever! Like the time I went to the airport and didn’t have my passport. Events I never thought would happen to ME!